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My current mailing address:

A. Richard Marks
ID# 530120, Mailbox B94
Assumption University
Suvarnabhumi Campus
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26
Bangsaothong, Samuthprakarn
Thailand 10540

…I just feel bad thinking about the possibility that someone took all of that time to write this on a postcard, especially considering I lost my mailbox key 4 months ago…



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Police in Thailand do not make me feel safe.   I would rather not see them, as I am always wondering how they plan on filling their pockets next.   When we have parties, everyone knows that there is a possibility they may have to pitch in a few Thai Baht to the local police in order to allow the festivities to continue.   They make their rounds to the bars once a month to collect their fees.   You may even have to go to another district to find police who will help you with a problem in your neighborhood.


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Your salary is like Play-Doh, but better. You can turn it into anything, depending on how much you have of course. Even beer.


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Dear Students,

Stop asking me questions.


Your teacher.


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A friend of mine works for a large magazine in Bangkok.   Recently, he was assigned to interview rapper Flo Rida and invited me to attend.   Here is a portion of the interview:

Q: For our Thai fans who have never been to America, can you describe a little about the Flo Rida/Florida connection?
A: Oh yeah, most definitely. You come to Florida, I mean its just tons of fun. I mean, uh, lots of beaches and things in Miami you know, it’s almost like being on an island when you live in Miami, Florida so… I mean beautiful women, beautiful beaches, and, shh, hey, you can’t go wrong.
Q: So, can you tell me a little bit about your opinion on Thai women and Thai food?
A: I mean, you know, definitely, the Thai food is amazing. I get a chance to check out the different cuisines back home because I mean there’s a gumbo of different cultures down there in Miami. And, um, the Thai women, hey, say no more, definitely beautiful.
Q: Lastly, we have to know, do you have an iPhone or a BB?
A: I got both.


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Walking in Thailand


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Appropriate Compilations:

-The entire series of The King of Queens, starring Kevin James.


-An album of holiday photos from various trips you made last year.

-A teacher’s organized stack of files containing productive worksheets for his/her English conversation classes.

-A guide to the best bars in Bangkok.

-A “favorites folder” with links to free online documentaries.

Inappropriate Compilations:

-Now That’s What I Call Music! through Now That’s What I Call Music! 38


-An album of party photos from the nights you don’t remember last year.

-A teacher’s list of students he/she wants to seduce.

-A guide to the best lady-bars in Pattaya.

-The list of websites you will only view in an “Incognito Window”


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Pressure is being born to working class parents in South Korea (or North Korea, China, Pakistan, Japan, Nepal, Mongolia, [insert Asian country here]), living in Thailand, and attending a university where every class is taught in English.  Kids work hard.






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