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“Professor Matthew Soar at Concordia University in Montréal, as a contribution to the Open Source Cinema Project, teamed with his students and spent what he describes as “three very intensive weeks rotoscoping a concert video” of Girl Talk. They were, he says, inspired by Bob Sabiston’s digital rotoscoping (Snack and Drink, Waking Life, A Scanner Darkly), and by Christine Harold’s OurSpace: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture, a textbook used for his communications course.”

JULY 2011.

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PRESSURE. Bonus Song!

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SOLO. Bonus Quote!

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“One should not be driven along by a momentum other than one’s own; one should create, and not be created.” – Ernest Raymond


News: August Contributor: Inês Teles!

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Received her BA in Painting from Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and her PgD of Fine Arts from the Byam Shaw School of Arts at CSM in London. Now, she is developing an auto curated collective exhibition called TEMPOS DE VISTA in Lisbon and is working on her MA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Arts at UCL.


SUNSHINE. Bonus Video!

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For your pleasure, in Japanese.


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A beautiful day for paramedics, at “Summit Point Go Karting,” where carts reach speeds of 56 mph.



DEPTH. Bonus Video!

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Bioluminescence in the deep ocean, via the BBC.

FRESH. Bonus Song!

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TON. Bonus Video!

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In 2009, the US sought to search for reserves of water on the moon, and sent a 2 ton rocket.

DIET. Bonus Song!

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Diet + Exercise = Jane Fonda.


PEACE. Bonus Video!

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The People’s Temple, Jim Jone’s Jonestown documentary on the creation of a peaceful commune.

PRIMITIVE. Bonus Video!

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For when your party needs the vibe of a kegger but the functionality of a portable propane grill.


For when you’d rather be labeled an alcoholic than a foodie.

ADAPTER. Bonus Video!

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The camouflage of the cuttlefish.

ADAPTER. Bonus Song!

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Call for Mobile Video Art: Europe

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European mobile film competition, Prague

Deadline: 30 August, 2011

We invite young European cross-disciplinary artists, performers, choreographers, musicians, architects, designers, writers, art students, to experiment and use the mobile phone as a new means of creation and narrative. Take part and reveal a creative vision of urban spaces and European cities !

Prizes: 3 winners will be invited to present their film at the MOB International event in Prague, in November 2011

The best films will be shown in our network of European festivals and institutions.

Plus 300€ to 1000€ in prizes


Choose a specific European urban area

Produce a short film with a mobile phone, 3 minutes max length
Rules and information can be found on the website

Submit your film on :

Special attention will be given to imaginative, unconventional and offbeat projects with a locative and context specific approach.

Contact :

SmartCity (Paris | France)
CIANT (Prague | Czech Republic)
Hangar (Barcelona | Spain)
Moving Closer Festival (Warsaw | Poland)
Strad’Art Festival (Timisoara | Romania)
And Cité internationale universitaire
de Paris (Paris | France)
Videomedeja (Novi Sad | Serbia)

CLIMBING! Bonus Song.

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Climb into bed with Fiona Apple.

MIRROR. Bonus Song!

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