Tree. Bonus Video!

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Inflation is a Bitch.

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$388.85 for a gallon of milk.

A Meal Like This Will Earn Respect.

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Note the dots of sriracha.

PLASTERING. Bonus Video!

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Kinks “Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues”

AUGUST 2011.

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When bears attack!!… balls.



SHADE. Bonus Song!

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The sun never sets when you’re cool.


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I make my own.


IMBALANCE. Bonus Song!

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Directed by Michel Gondry, special guest Conan O’Brien.

HOUSE. Bonus Song!

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It’s made entirely of “B”s.

MULTIPLE. Bonus Song!

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Directed by Michel Gondry.

GHOST. Bonus Song!

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Department of Eagles premiered their new video for the single “No One Does It Like You” yesterday at the MoMA. The video is absolutely incredible, especially the wispy singing ghosts. Directed by, Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama.


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Ghostride the Whip in my Honda Civic.


GHOST. Bonus Video!

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Look Around You – Ghosts.

PUNCTURE. Bonus Video!

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Slow Motion Bullets Tear Shit Up.

SALARY. Bonus Video!

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Classic money-making commercial.

COMMENTARY. Bonus Video!

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Colbert Report “The Word” on Wikipedia.

COMMENTARY. Bonus Video!

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The crazy nastiness of the honey badger.


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There are three men on the Amtrak Acela Express at 10AM. One of them is an political analyst and one of them is a Senator and one of them is a lobbyist.

They have just left Washington DC and crossed into the border of Maryland and they look out the window to see a liberal hippie with a sign that reads “Down with this sort of thing.”

The political analyst says, “Look, the hippies in Maryland are unemployed.” And the Senator says, “No. There are hippies in Maryland of which at least one is unemployed.” And the lobbyist says, “No. There is at least one hippie in Maryland, of which one side of the sign appears to be promoting the unemployed, which supposes that he has not been affected by government final consumption expenditures.”

And this is funny because political analysts are not real scientists and because Senators think more clearly, but lobbyists are best.

[Re-imagination of Mark Haddon’s “Three Men See a Cow”]