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the middle aged man
loses slowly
the use of his knees

the middle aged man
finds difficulty
sitting in seats

while his friends continue
with their usual cricket game.

i have begun to sit at cricket games
so to speak.

i’ve gotten up to play
made eyes at you twice
sat back down.
i betrayed both teams
by making love to all sides
sat back down.

he keeps playing
he keeps running
and i don’t relate to sports analogies,
but i’m trying.

this man is sitting in a wheelchair
and someone is pushing him in.
broken arms
mosquito-thin legs,
and finally when he goes home
his eyes and skin reel, tingle
he cannot anymore
he cannot anymore

he listens to the radio
the crack loud, bam, cheer run.
he can no longer play
he can no longer compete.

and perhaps i need to say
i’m finding difficulty
sitting in seats.





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1. Flying economy, for an 11 hour flight.

Washington DC to Moscow. 2010.

2. Un-airconditioned taxi bus, that needs new brakes.

Jamaica. 2012.

3. Taking the metro during rush hour.

Paris. 2008.

4. A six hour train ride.

Scandinavia. 2006.

5. Getting around unpaved country roads.

Southern Virginia. 2010.