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Your friend says, “Hold on just a second, I forgot my…”

1. socks [GREEN]

2. clean socks [BLUE]

3. government bond [ORANGE]

4. grandmother’s hairpin that she let her friend Phyllis borrow in 1947 and then forgot to ask for it’s return.

5. glasses [RED]


CODE GREEN – Relax. Everything will be better in a couple of minutes.

CODE BLUE – Okay, a tiny bit more complicated. But we’ll get there.

CODE ORANGEĀ  – This might take a bit. You should probably adjust your expectations as to when you will be arriving at your next destination. But hope is not lost. I mean, it’s a government bond. It’ll be somewhere. The internet?

CODE YELLOW – Prepare to be very late. What kind of investigation does this involve? First, your friend has to call his grandmother, supposing she is still awake. Then he must get the contact info of her friend Phyllis, whom we are now supposing is not only awake, but alive. Then, supposing that Phyllis lives within a reasonable distance, you both have to drive over there to pick up the hairpin, of course, supposing the hairpin hasn’t been lost. It’s reasonable to assume you’re not going to make it.

CODE RED – Buy new glasses. Get a new friend.



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