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English vs. Spanish for $500.




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My current mailing address:

A. Richard Marks
ID# 530120, Mailbox B94
Assumption University
Suvarnabhumi Campus
88 Moo 8 Bang Na-Trad Km. 26
Bangsaothong, Samuthprakarn
Thailand 10540

…I just feel bad thinking about the possibility that someone took all of that time to write this on a postcard, especially considering I lost my mailbox key 4 months ago…



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Issues I’d Like to Address

Today a friend drew my attention to an amazing story in the news about one woman’s face transplant, needed after a chimpanzee attack. This chimp that had torn off her face and hands, torn out her eyes, and blinded her. I just want to known who is still trying to keep these things as pets. How many attacks does to take for someone to realize maybe it isn’t a good idea to coop an extremely smart, strong, and feral creature in a little box and make it use the toilet? Haven’t people heard this before? Every third This American Life seems to be about trying to domesticate a chimpanzee. This is what I don’t understand.

So we’ve heard that nuts and yogurt are good for you, and have been proven to help with weight control and even weight loss over a few years. Both of them help keep your metabolism going overnight if eaten before bedtime, as well, further aiding in weight control. And yet, nuts and some yogurt are full of calories. I mean, packed. You have a handful of peanuts, and bam, 200 calories. How do you reconcile these things? Especially since it’s also been proven that less calories mean weight loss, no matter where those calories are coming from, even twinkies.

Thank you.