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What I bring back to my home is mine.
I do not need to pay you for what I’ve moved
from one space on the earth to another.

Next time you’d like to take something from me,
step into my home instead
and take what you wish from the cupboard.

It’s already soaked in my trappings. It’s
had a chance to absorb oils from the air,
and probably gives the same scent as my hands do.

You must have plans to
create something of your own one day with
these stolen little additions, but

I think you’ve got it wrong.
Let the item in for awhile. Let
the piece pick up speed.

Then when you take your tax
you can take a little bit of that smell, that
shine and flavor with it.

Make a profit beyond what you got it
for originally, and move the memories
just as we move the things.

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