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No Contact

The phone rings and my heart drops in my gut
and I feel like I’m dead or about to die.
But each time I thank God it’s you when I pick up
and I feel so much better without even trying.

And we talked
no small talk.

On December 24th you had not eaten dinner
after driving for three days
through soggy hills and grass.
You called me crying, it felt like days.

And we talked
no small talk.

I had a gift to give a friend
though you didn’t want me seeing him,
so I left it at his front door, 604,
though his could’ve been 610.

And I couldn’t knock on the door,
I couldn’t use my phone,
and you would’ve called me stupid for just leaving it there
if you could’ve even known.

And so I went home.
Are you sure that you’re alone?
Heard static coming from the corner,
switched on the two-way radio.

Got my orders to hold my position
as long as I possibly could.
Man turns his back on his family,
that man just ain’t no good.

And we talked
no small talk.

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