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ADAPTER. Bonus Video!

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The camouflage of the cuttlefish.


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ADAPTER. Bonus Song!

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In response to Hannah’s post:


Grade 7: Senior, Junior School
Finish junior school, awarded Dux of school, big fish, small pond.
Academic Scholarship to High School

Second Form: Junior, High School
Make new friends
Get super involved at school, progress to third form.
Third form, class representative on student council –
Progress to Fourth Form.

Fourth Form:
Selected for international exchange to England.
Leave home for a semester –
Make new international friends, gain confidence and independence.
Attend first school dance with classmates

Fifth Form:
Media Centre Monitor
Interhouse debating team
Awarded Academic half colours

Matric (Sixth Form): Final school year:
Head prefect.
Awarded drama honours.
Receive a full house of A’s for final exams
Awarded academic colours.
Progress to university

Forget about all the previous climbing and nerdish ways
Make a ton of new friends
have a party.
drink a lot.
dress up like a nun, a school girl, a zebra, a cowboy, Bridget Jones, Alice in Wonderland, a sailor, a lifeguard.
Go out every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and the occasional Monday
Somehow manage to get a Journalism and Communication Design Degree.
(Also somehow manage to get on Deans List)

Random work:
Work as intern at Advertising agency.
Laugh when they offer me a job, that would not cover my petrol/gas money to get to work.

Fly to Asia
Teach english
Travel to many countries
Make more international friends
Learn about a new culture
Forget about upward climb and focus on sideways exploration.
Enjoy life.

Currently Preparing to Leave Asia
Think again about upward climb
(panic slightly at severe path deviation)
and focus on building a website and importing Korean stationery to South Africa….