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  1. Distant and distinct hum of air conditioner. (check)
  2. Even more distant car revving its engine and driving by, Doppler effect, amid a wash of ambient traffic that sounds similar to the tide of the ocean. (check)
  3. Close laughter, some speaking. A gentle woman’s voice. Sounds of plates clanking as they’re put back in cupboards. (check)
  4. Laptop pressed flatly against the top of my thighs. A warm imprint that comforts me along with the chill of the breeze. (check)
  5. The chill of the breeze. (check)
  6. Now, a helicopter buzzing, far-off, way out in front of me. (check)
  7. My butt bones, whatever they are, stabbing against the hard front stoop I’m on. (check)
  8. Vague pain in my ankles. My feet are turned inward awkwardly. Must’ve been the way I first sat down (check)
  9. My nose getting cold. The pressure of air as I sniff through my nostrils. (check)
  10. The bony, maroon leaves scattered in the grass. Sections, like discarded limbs, splay onto the pavement. (check)
  11. My leathery, shiny and worn satchel/messenger bag/man-purse, also lying haphazardly on both the grass and the walkway. (check)
  12. Crushed cigarette, it’s guts spewing from flat white cylinder. Must be new. Looks very clean, the innards coarse. (check)
  13. Other things too many to notice that I am unable to record, for I have been let in the front door and the moment has passed. (unchecked)


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