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A taxi pulls over to the side of the road. The man inside hands the driver a hundred dollar bill and says very seriously, “Wait here for me. I’ll be right back.”

“Why?” asks the driver.

“I’ve got to say something really important to a girl. I think it’ll only take a minute, but in reality it’ll take the entire night, and at the end, I’ll say something like, Oh, no. I forgot the cab driver! And then we’ll laugh.”

The cab driver sighs. “Sorry. No way in hell.”

“Fine,” says the man. He once again hands the cabbie a wad of cash and says wistfully, “Then just … drive around for awhile. To nowhere in particular.”

“Why?” asks the driver.

“Because I’ve just learned a valuable lesson about enjoying the moment and want to drift around and soak everything in, reflecting on what I’ve learned.”

“Oh, hell no,” says the driver.

“Fine,” says the man. He looks around the taxi, at a loss of what to do next. Suddenly he leans forward, points at a taxi in front of them and says urgently, “Follow that cab!”

“Why?” asks the driver.

“Because I need a different fucking cab.”