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Name: Spanish
Sex: Female
Interested in: All of the men
About me: Hey, guys. ;) If you want to be with me, you better be able to handle me. I’m fiery and I don’t like slang, but if you give me a call, you’ll have a good time. I will take you to the back of the bar and drag you into the dirty, graffiti-ridden bathroom. I’ll push you up against the tiles, lit green in fluorescent light, and you’ll fall in love.

Name: French
Sex: Female
Interested in: Mostly women
About me: Hello, everyone. I enjoy working out, usually pilates, yoga. I swim. And I’m very flexible. I twist in ways you wouldn’t believe. We can hang out anytime, if you don’t mind my slightly smokey smell. My parents used to smoke a lot, so my clothes are covered in it. If you ask me to dinner, I’ll bring wine.

Name: German
Sex: Male
Interested in: Business
About me: Most people say I look like shit, but I get the job done! Don’t message me unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE INTEREST. I hate when I get messaged, otherwise. Like most things it makes me angry! I’m so angry!

Name: English
Sex: Female
Interested in: A lot of friends
About me: Hi, I’m English! I love hanging out with all sorts of people. I’m not really interested in anything serious (Unless you’re British! I love accents!), but I love having lots and lots of friends. Even if someone’s dating somebody else, they’ll call me just to have me along. I don’t know why people even like me I’m basically normal lol! I’m hard to get along with, but I come in handy I guess. I come from a rich family, so I guess I ppl just want to look good! :P

Name: Chinese
Sex: Male
Interested in: No one
About me: More interested in style than content. Thank you.

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