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My name is Thomas Siu. I am 11 years old. I am a Primary 6 student at St. Joseph’s Primary School. My father is a banker and my mother is a lawyer. We live in the Mid-levels. Tonight I have piano lesson. My helper is taking me. I do not like piano. I want to play the trumpet.

My mother says piano is important. I am working toward grade 8. I practice for an hour and a half every evening, before my mother comes home. I am very good. My helper sits with me. She turns the pages. At the moment I am learning “Nocturne in B” by Chopin. My helper says it sounds like a piano concert. My helper has never been to a piano concert. She is from Indonesia. She likes to listen to me play, but I don’t like to play. I want to play the trumpet.

My father has not heard “Nocturne in B” by Chopin yet. He didn’t hear me play my grade 7 pieces either. He was pleased that I got a “distinction” though, because he said “make sure you get a distinction for grade 8.” He gave me 200 dollars. He said I will get 500 dollars for my grade 8. I don’t want 500 dollars. I want a trumpet.

My helper is saying that it is time to go to piano lesson. We will take a taxi there. My piano teacher is Mr. Lai. Mr. Lai also teaches trumpet. I always hear the student before me finishing her trumpet lesson. She is not very good. Her mother or her father waits for her outside Mr. Lai’s music room. When she comes out, her mother hugs her, or her father says “well done.” Sometimes, the girl looks at me and smiles, carrying her trumpet.

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    Well maadcmaia nuts, how about that.

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