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Name: Spanish
Sex: Female
Interested in: All of the men
About me: Hey, guys. ;) If you want to be with me, you better be able to handle me. I’m fiery and I don’t like slang, but if you give me a call, you’ll have a good time. I will take you to the back of the bar and drag you into the dirty, graffiti-ridden bathroom. I’ll push you up against the tiles, lit green in fluorescent light, and you’ll fall in love.

Name: French
Sex: Female
Interested in: Mostly women
About me: Hello, everyone. I enjoy working out, usually pilates, yoga. I swim. And I’m very flexible. I twist in ways you wouldn’t believe. We can hang out anytime, if you don’t mind my slightly smokey smell. My parents used to smoke a lot, so my clothes are covered in it. If you ask me to dinner, I’ll bring wine.

Name: German
Sex: Male
Interested in: Business
About me: Most people say I look like shit, but I get the job done! Don’t message me unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE INTEREST. I hate when I get messaged, otherwise. Like most things it makes me angry! I’m so angry!

Name: English
Sex: Female
Interested in: A lot of friends
About me: Hi, I’m English! I love hanging out with all sorts of people. I’m not really interested in anything serious (Unless you’re British! I love accents!), but I love having lots and lots of friends. Even if someone’s dating somebody else, they’ll call me just to have me along. I don’t know why people even like me I’m basically normal lol! I’m hard to get along with, but I come in handy I guess. I come from a rich family, so I guess I ppl just want to look good! :P

Name: Chinese
Sex: Male
Interested in: No one
About me: More interested in style than content. Thank you.


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In the “Origins of Language” Renee Magritte displays a single promontory jutting out of a body of water under a bright sky scattered with nimbus clouds. Focusing on the promontory, one notices the isolation of the platform in what may be an endless expanse of water. The image appears to be a sort of logical puzzle in which one is forced to fill in the gaps. The positioning of the elements themselves poses questions, and encourages a narrative to be developed to explain what is presented.

From what vantage point is the viewer seeing this platform? One feels an urge to inject humanity into the scene, to see themselves, perhaps, staring out from the frame, perched on a rock in utter solitude. As much as the painting seems to accomodate a fictitious narrative, or emotionally parallel our own isolation as individuals, to be so eager to draw symbols is literally seeing what is not there. The very awareness of yourself, the painting, the lonely image, answers in part the question of language and the ability to philosophize, emote, and ponder the strange and fantastic. Whether you know the title of the piece upon seeing it is irrelevant insofar as your innate capabilities of language. The painting engages your senses and produces language whether internal or external. In this way Magritte makes one use language as opposed to merely explaining its origins, though some have tried that too: The Biblical account of the Tower of Babel seems a feeble attempt in comparison.


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1. Emoticons.

2. Suggestions to other drivers, behind closed windows.

3. Constructive criticism on others’ tattoos.

4. Scientific name for Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla).

5. Esperanto.


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The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English. All signs, official forms, and so on are bilingual. This sign, however, remembers a time when English, not Chinese, came first …