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The following are multiplying at an uncanny rate in Hong Kong’s older districts (hungrily gobbling up all scraps of local character):

1. Gong Cha taiwanese-style bubble tea takeways.

2. ‘3’ shops.

3. Loan sharks e.g. Promise, Public Finance, Credit Gain.*

4. The red banners of 田生地產 (Richmond Realty, an acquisition company) in windows (like a plague).

*A TV ad for the latter featured members of the public and staff shaking their asses and singing show me the money…


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“I’m not saying that you could be a professor at MIT or anything, but anyone can get a handle on some basic math, i.e., multiplication, lifeskills, etcetera.”

Nate and Kathryn are sitting underneath an umbrella, each goggle-eyed in black framed sunglasses. Their daily lunch-hour retreat takes place at any number of coffee shops and bakeries that exist in the venn diagram intersection of respective five-minute-from-work walks. When available, outdoor seating is always preferred.

“Oh, so now I don’t have lifeskills?” asks Kathryn, who flashes a pupil from behind her shades. “Excuse me, while I crawl back into my mathless dank hole.”

At this point, Nate grins wide and throws up his hands.

“That’s exactly my point. It’s precisely because you are intelligent that I am thrown off by willful ignorance. Who is a ‘math person’ anyway? That’s like saying someone isn’t a ‘washing dishes person.’ ’Oh sorry, my wrists are preternaturally weak, better leave that dirty ladle for trained professionals. Boys, come on in…’”

“You don’t have to condescend,” snarls Kathryn. “If I’m going to use a calculator for tip, then I’ll do just that. It’s normal; plenty of people do it. I don’t have to prove my mental math skills. Nothing to prove.”

“Just move the decimal point to the left one and multiply it by two! It’s not that hard,” explains Nate, in a forced chuckle. “If you aren’t a ‘math person,’ then what exactly are you? You’re just trying to make this a thing. ’Look at me, I’m so creative. I don’t do tips.’ Stupidity is not an idiosyncracy!”

Kathryn pushes back her chair with a wrenching scrape. She throws up her hands and chuckles to indicate that the matter has gotten too hot to handle. “I owe twelve including tip, or don’t you know that already?”


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x6 Packages. x6 for me.