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Chinese words relating to ‘follower’

(with unofficial Cantonese transliterations)

追 (jeui): to follow or pursue

1. 追隨 (jeui tsui): to follow (i.e. Mao Zedong, Jesus)
2. 追查 (jeui cha): to follow and investigate
3. 追究 (jeui gao): to hold someone responsible for something they have done

Extra: ancient Chinese proverb with :

一言既出, 駟馬難追 (yat yin gei cheut, si ma nan jeui): what has been said cannot be taken back (literally: if you have said something, not even the speed of four horses can take it back)

[Language consultants: Nicole and Mr Yim]


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Finally a power
I felt shoulders through lungs
We stood barking
hoping to call you
wishing Come from where it is you’d come from

The night wore blacker and blacker
All us small Robes cut grandfathers’ bedsheets,
and stinking, at first nothing, then stench
Dug my toes in the brown dirt
not going to miss this for any thing.

Then he came And
a roar out his chest reverberated.
I dropped my watch
I think but I couldn’t move my eyes
“You seem to have dropped this, Kid.”

His hands gruff stone statues
like I expected them to be
But in my late bedroom light I examined that watch
Wasn’t broken But
seemed to tell time differently.

“I like your watch”
said at school this black boy Tom.
Thanks But I didn’t the same
so I let him keep it
Didn’t like carrying it around.


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“Where are you going?”


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