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‘Jerk’ is an obsolete term for a short, sharp burst of birdsong. I’m officially reviving it, corpora beware: That was quite a jerk for such a small bird!

In Hong Kong, you may hear jerks from the following birds:

Red-Whiskered Bulbul
Unmistakeable songbird with brown back, black crest and red and white cheek patch. Jerk: bulbi-bulbit bulbi-bulbit

Blue Magpie
Distinctive magpie with sky blue back and black head. Jerk: pink pink pink currah

Great Tit
Grey tit with black head. Jerk: brisk churr, loud siu-siu-tze, siu-siu-tze

Japanese White-eye
Discreet, greenish little fellow with distinctive eye ring. Jerk: tsee, tsee, trilling sounds

Hill Mynah
Popular cagebird, glossy black plumage with bright yellow lappets on each side of the head. Jerk: Hello, Kung Hei Fat Choi, Puk Gai!


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The dance is called “The Essex Jerk,” whether you’re a boy or girl. But in describing a boy who jerks it’s “Jerkin’” and for a girl, it’s not discussed.

The Jerk was created in Essex**, a county in East England, northeast of Greater London in 2008 by kids born into trust funds that commonly rap about themes such as teeth whitening, wheat gluten, and branding yourself for synergized markets. We’ll start you off with the basics, then you can go faster and longer with more hardcore tricks, and you’ll be jerkin’ in no time!

Slide to the front, now slide to the back, take it all the way back now, name drop this time, two times this time, left side let’s slide, left side let’s slide, Jerk real smooth.

Now it’s time to get tofurky-jerky.

Take it back to the back, skip of the hip, dip of the tip, right side let’s slide, right side let’s slide, how-low-can-you-go, down past your flan-nol all the way to the warehouse dance-flow, drop your glassless frames to the ground, punch the floor just like a houndstooth button-up jumper, big pumper, pump that stump til the beat don’t bump!

* = For visual reference, please search YouTube for: “Essex Jerks it”
** = Essex is England’s New Jersey.